Listener Reviews

Falling asleep to the music

Calms baby

Comforts cancer patient

 “Your music takes my mind and spirit to a place where cancer does not exist.” 

"I wanted to thank you for the WONDERFUL calming effect your harp music has had on the four month-old I take care of weekdays.

One afternoon last week, he was seemingly inconsolable.  Food, fresh diaper, jingly play toys.... NOTHING had any effect, UNTIL I turned on your music.

In just 30 seconds or so he eased out of "cry as if I'm gonna die" mode, became calmer, & even gave a wee smile or two.  Proof positive, in my book, of your artistry's palliative power."

"Your beautiful "On Wings of a Dove" music is relaxing, soothing and makes everything soooo peaceful."

     ~Thomas Hungate, NW Public Radio

NW Public Radio:"Sooo peaceful."

“Each night for the past 3 nights, I have fallen asleep to your music feeling refreshed and renewed... and now this morning, I turned it on as I was reading and writing... and at one point I put the pen, book and paper away and just sat and felt God speaking to me in the feeling of peace.”

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